Surely you are interested in staying one step ahead in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, it can mean the difference between capturing a golden opportunity or missing it.

Solana's token snipers are essential tools for quickly identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to buy new tokens before their price rises.

You're in luck, we'll give you a list of the best solana token bots snipers and some extra information so you can get that much desired edge.


First of all, a sniper bot in solana is a tool or software that allows users toautomatically buy tokens as soon as they become available on a dex like raydium for example. This tool is particularly useful during launches or initial listings, where time is of the essence to obtain advantageous prices.


It is necessary to clarify that this is not a top to bottom list, it is simply a variety of options among which you will have to explore each one and do your own research, we just want to make it easier for you to find solana snipers bots.

Sol Sniper Bot

sol sniper bot for solana token sniping

This is a Solana Sniper Bot from Telegram that offers an easy to use interface and integrates directly with major DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) such as Serum and Raydium. You can investigate it a bit more at


Maestro sniper bot for solana token sniping

It is a Solana Sniper Bot that allows multi-chain functionality, it also works as a solana sniper bot for telegram and can be integrated with ETH, BSC and ARB. Get to know it better from their own website at

Soul Sniper

Soul sniper bot for solana token sniping

Another solana sniper bot that works on telegram, not only allows sniping of tokens but also refers to having the functionality to analyze the token metadata for warning signs. You can explore it if you search for soul sniper bot on telegram

Photon Sol

Photon on Sol sniper bot for solana token sniping

Platform that operates from its own website and offers the functionality of snipe new liquidity pools to buy and sell before others, check its documentation at

Solana Gun

Solana Gun sniper bot for solana token sniping

Another telegram bot for sniping solana tokens that would also work as a trading bot for solana, you can analyze it in its own website

Sol Trading Bot

Sol Trading Bot sniper bot for solana token sniping

A telegram bot that in addition to having the token sniper function in solana offers other interesting functionalities and integrations worth exploring:

Prodigy Bot

Produgy Bot sniper bot for solana token sniping

Interesting and complete multi-chain bot with integration in solana that has its own interface and extension for telegram. It has a wide range of features that you can learn more about in its documentation

Banana Gun Bot

Banana Gun Bot sniper bot for solana token sniping

Telegram bot which is shown to be easy to use for solana token sniping and trading, quite popular on Ethereum, you can research it from their website

Magnum Bot

Magnum sniper bot for solana token sniping

Solana trading bot that promises the speed needed to snipe solana tokens, its documentation is accessible to do your own analysis at


Astral sniper bot for solana token sniping

It is a software that allows automations on the solana blockchain among which is the function of making snipe token launches and trading tokens in circulation. Explore its platform on its website


Liquidator X sniper bot for solana token sniping

Bot sniper of solana tokens with his own platform whose access is restricted to holders of his NFT, you can investigate him from his X or Discord account but don't forget, as in all the cases we show you, do your own investigation!

Blood Solutions

Blood Solutions sniper bot for solana token sniping

Like the previous one, it offers a solana sniper bot specialized in meme coins or shitcoins whose access is restricted to holders of certain NFT (DYOR).


image 15 - Smithii
image 15 - Smithii

Telegram bot to automate token trading in Solana, enabling the new solana token sniper feature. You can find his profile on X and start analyzing this popular ption.

Trojan Bot

Trojan on Solana sniper bot for solana token sniping

Solana Sniper Bot from Telegram which has grown a lot in community and recognition, is offered as a novel solution for solana traders' needs about trading tokens in solana plus token snipe functionality.


As you have seen so far there are a good variety of options that you can learn about with a simple web search, while still doing your own research, the most popular sources are Github, Telegram and X.

If you are wondering about the prices, this detail varies in each case, there are Solana Token Sniper Free, in fact some of the list are, but there are others that are paid or free with premium paid versions.

Solana sniper bot GitHub

One of the best ways to get a solana sniper bot is through GitHub. Here, developers from all over the world share their creations, often for free. You can find open source versions that can be customized to your specific needs.

Solana sniper bot Telegram

Telegram is another invaluable source for finding solana sniper bots. On this platform, you can join dedicated groups where users share their experiences, tips and sometimes even custom Solana sniping bots.

Where can I get tokens to make snipe?

The search for tokens to make snipe usually starts at major Solana exchanges such as Serum, Raydium, and DexLab. These places are ideal for staying on top of new releases and getting tokens before their value skyrockets.

Differences with Solana trading bots

It is important to distinguish between a solana sniper bot and a solana trading bot. While the sniper bot specializes in rapid buying in token launches, the trading bot operates based on long-term trading strategies and can handle a wider variety of buy and sell trades based on technical analysis or predetermined algorithms.

Sniper Bot

  • Specific Purpose: A sniper bot is specifically designed to act quickly to purchase new tokens as soon as they become available in the market. Its primary goal is to take advantage of low token prices right at launch before they increase due to market interest.
  • High Speed Trading: These bots are highly efficient at executing orders in fractions of a second, which is crucial during token launches where prices can change drastically in a matter of seconds.
  • Focus on Launches: The sniper bot is mostly used for operations related to launches of new tokens on exchanges or DEXs.

Trading Bot

  • General Purpose: A trading bot is designed to automate the trading process based on certain rules, algorithms or pre-established trading strategies. It can trade in various types of markets and with a variety of assets.
  • Versatility in Strategies: You can implement multiple trading strategies such as arbitrage, market making, scalping, or trading based on technical indicators.
  • Continuous Trading: These bots can trade 24/7, adjusting buy and sell orders according to market conditions and user-defined strategies.

Key Differences

  • Objective: While the sniper bot focuses on capturing immediate opportunities in token launches, the trading bot has a broader focus and can manage a long-term investment portfolio based on various market conditions and trading signals.
  • Trading Behavior: Sniper bots are more aggressive at a specific time (token release), while trading bots are more consistent and calculating, trading based on prolonged technical or fundamental analysis.

Want to see snipers bot in action? Check out the video in the article on how to remove liquidity from a Liquidity Pool.

The best solana sniper bot

The reality is that there is no one better or worse, it is quite subjective, each user according to their preferences and platform conveniences may prefer one or the other, maybe you like a telegram bot or you may prefer a software with popia platform.

There are those who are looking for something simple and others who like something rather complex with varied functions.

Anyway, the only thing that no one can deny is that when making a choice you have to be informed and the best way is to first visit the bot's own platforms such as X, discord, website and then look for user opinions on the web or places like reddit.

Before I go, did you know that Smithii is developing its own sniper bot? If you made it this far keep it to yourself but our sniper will have the function of making you snipe yourself by launching your token or meme coin to gain some market advantage.

But we'll talk about that, (whispering) subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed (end of whisper).

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