The Solana network, known for its speed and low transaction costs, has been home to a growing number of new tokens, including meme coins whose demand has led to a cycle known as meme coin season. In that sense, finding New Solana Tokens, i.e. tokens that have just been created, is a common practice for users who want to buy fast, before others, getting the lowest prices and then sell at a better price.

You don't need to have a lot of trading knowledge, the process is made very intuitive with the use of automated bots.


Finding new solana tokens requires painstaking work. The good thing is that there are many effective methods. The following list corresponds to the main methods for finding new tokens.


In the crypto community, Telegram is a great source of information for acquiring New Solana Token. In that sense, you will be able to find several channels on this platform. Some of the most prominent ones are the following:


This Telegram channel, which has more than 24,000 subscribers, will inform you with real-time alerts about the New Liquidity Pool in Solana.

It offers security alerts against potential scam tokens and daily reporting of the best opportunities. This chat will be very effective for you to find new Solana tokens with great potential.


As the name suggests, the Solana Token New chat will inform you with real-time alerts about new solana meme coins and new solana tokens. Together with 12,000 followers, you will know everything about the new tokens even before they start trading.


Through our chat, you can receive detailed information about the New Tools, News and New Solana Token, we provide comprehensive information about the crypto ecosystem in the Solana blockchain that you will find extremely useful to coexist in the web3 space.

Bonk Bot Token Alerts

This is the alert group of the popular Solana trading bot. On the other hand, the Trading Bonk Bot will be able to help you trade on Solana. While it stands out as the fastest way to trade any currency, it is also very intuitive and easy to use. All you have to do is follow the bot's instructions.

  1. Open Telegram with the BONK BOT.
  2. You will type /start to start the conversation.
  3. The Bot will inform you that you have no SOL balance. To start, you must send 1 SOL to bonkbot's wallet address: HWMYutap3ujSzDT8Vr9Nz6XMeUMS8nfhki1LoeEz58Sa.
  4. After sending, you will be updated and your balance will appear in the chat.
  5. To purchase the token you must enter the Token Address that you can obtain from Birdeye, pay close attention when registering a token address, you must be sure that it is the token you want to trade.
bonk bot new solana token

If you not only want to receive alerts for New Token, and you are looking to snipe and trade, you should consider Solana's Best Sniper


Both Blockchain Explorers and Crypto Markets will provide us with an enlightening overview. We can find New Solana Token on specialized explorers such as, where they can view blockchain transactions in real time.

On the other hand, the Markets function as places for the exchange of solana tokens. One of the best known is Birdeye.

On the other hand, Exchanges Listings such as Dex Screener will let you know about new solana tokens that are about to be listed or have been recently listed.


In order to obtain New Solana Token you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Login to Birdeye's website.
  2. Select Solana's blockchain.
  3. In the Menu, you must select the "Explore" option.
  4. Five (5) options will be displayed and you will have to choose "New listing".

The list will then be adjusted and you will be able to find great opportunities for New Solana Token. You can also set a Filter by specifying the Time it was created, Liquidity Value, Volume, Market Capitalization and Support.

On the other hand, you will also have the possibility to set up an alert with token conditions. Although you will have to register for it. But if you are looking for something quick, the ideal would be to select "Find Gems", within the "Explore" drop-down, also with the possibility of setting a filter, alerts and more tools such as View 360 and the Watchlist.

birdeye new solana token


It is a very powerful and easy to use platform. It allows traders and investors to be able to track and analyze multiple token and crypto data in real time(updated every 5 minutes). In addition, they keep up to date trading history on DEX of Ethereum, BTC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, Cronos, Arbitrum, Optimism, etc.

This means that you will be able to see how tokens and crypto are traded on different DEXs, such as those tokens with more transactions or unique buyers, you will also see their performance.

On the other hand, there are other DEX that can be very useful, such as Orca, Raydium, Jupiter, among others, to detect new solana tokens.

Dex Screener will allow you to search by blockchain, in this case, we will use Solana. But we will also be able to use filter patterns such as Liquidity, Age or Launch Date. In this way, in order to find New Solana Token we will have to follow the next steps:

  1. Enter the DEX Screener page.
  2. Select the "New Pairs" option (left column).
  3. Then we can set the search filters, located above the Token List.
  4. To make them only Solana Token, we will have to select the Solana coin because otherwise All Chains will appear, as shown in the image.
dex screener new solana token


We can't go on without mentioning this great platform. Solscan is easy to use, provides a lot of information to its users and is the safe place to find New Solana Token. It will also serve you to get any information that belongs to the Solana blockchain: DeFI, NFTs, etc.

The good thing about this site is that without registering you will be able to find New Solana Token. All you have to do is go to the Solscan page, go to the Menu and select the Leaderboard option . Then, Token. Here you can edit the filtering patterns (Holders, Price, Time and Market Cap) and acquire the token that has the most potential.


Forums go hand in hand with the crypto ecosystem. In a space where scams are recurrent, the only way to protect yourself is by joining forces. Forums are the place where millions of users join forces by sharing information.

Much of the news that is shared is about new token launches in solana and the opinion that is deserved about whether or not it is a scam. Sites like Reddit and Bitcointalk excel in the user input that is made in this regard, you can never stop participating in these forums.

Do you want to create your own Solana Token? Here is how to Launch your Memecoin in 5 steps


We understand that if you are here, it is not only because you are interested in being one of the first to be able to buy a Solana token or meme coin, but also because you are interested in being informed about all the details to be taken into account and, consequently, avoid unnecessary losses.

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